Welcome to Knifesculpture


The purpose of this site is to show my knifesculpture. Work that is anchored in the traditions of knifemaking  but more and more finds itself colliding with other worlds.

By removing the the day-to-day functionality of a knife I hope to encourage the viewer to re-examine and challenge their own expectations and preconceived ideas.

Depending on the hand that holds it… the knife is both a tool and a weapon . A Shakespearian slayer… or one of many utensils in constant use in the home and kitchen.
However by combining this history and these traits with unpredictable images and idiosyncratic associations I set out to transform a knife into something that might make the viewer see our oldest cutting implement in a new light.

Barry Salter

Contact: knifesculpture@sky.com


~ by barrysalter on July 6, 2012.

One Response to “Welcome to Knifesculpture”

  1. I love these sculptures- very ‘Miro’ esque

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