Baby Gangsta

Baby Gangsta


Na pimp ya SAK
Baby Gangsta he come Struttin’
Booted up Sharp and Shinin’
All dem Diamonds be Blindin’
Prime time…Bling- bling !

The cult of bling has been with us for more than a decade and has  created another use of the word “pimp” which now means to decorate in an extravagant way any object from a car to a knife.

Pimping standard knives is a regular activity in the knife collectors world. One of the most popular knives to “pimp” is the ubiquitous and well-respected Swiss Army Knife  often referred to as a SAK.

Combining this pimping enthusiasm with Damien Hirst’s diamond encrusted  skull……..resulted in this knifesculpture.

One of the main differences being Hirst’s diamonds are real…….mine are not.

Hirst is making a comment on Death…where I am trying to make a comment celebrating the exuberance of life and the enjoyable trend of taking certain objects way beyond “standard”. Bling- Bling !

The knife is made from O1 steel with a Corian Bolster and a decorative sandwich created with ebony and pewter.

The stand is made from Corian and stainless steel and copper components. The heads of the screws used on the stand were crying out for inset diamonds…….so they got them too !

Barry Salter



~ by barrysalter on January 29, 2013.

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