The Porcupine

porcupine knife
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Like the animal itself this knife should be shown a certain respect when approached from the rear.

I managed to obtain some quills from Thailand which were the right shape and colour and attempted to recreate the classic chevron pattern often used when quills were utilised, often with ivory, to decorate ornamental boxes mainly in Ceylon and India from 1850-1900.

Sitting on its stand it looks as if its doing 50mph…….

Some facts about Porcupines…….the quills are very sharp……….they grow back….and the collective noun for Porcupines is a Prickle !

01 steel…….Corian bolster…decorative sandwich make from ivory and pewter.
3 layers of quills one each side….and a third row sitting between the other two for the back third of the knife.

Barry Salter


~ by barrysalter on January 29, 2013.

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  1. Superb work

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