Drawn Quartered & Hung

Not a medieval form of torture however this knifesculpture does share those essential traits even if the drawing was done with a pencil.

I looked at various ways of deconstructing and cutting up a knife … I liked the irony of the idea but needed an interesting way to display it.

Eventually I decided on a hanging mechanism that allowed the 4 knife sections to adjust and align in space yet at the same time to integrate it visually as an essential component of the whole concept.
Knife is orange Corian and O1 steel….pewter and ebony sandwich
with a Corian bolster. The stand has a  Corian base with a Perspex milled top
with stainless steel hexagonal uprights and brass details.
I  used yellow monofilament to create interesting angles to link the adjusters to the heavy slabs of the knife .
The sculpture is 8inches high … and nearly 10 inches wide. The knife is approx 7 inches long.
Influenced by Damian Hirst’s suspended sharks with a hint of Liquorice Allsorts and harking back to my own Pinto Punk it’s definately an Ugly BUGR… but strangely… considering it is in 4 parts… it does seem to exude an overwhelming desire to be whole again.
drawn hung 2 small
drawnhung 3 small
click to enlarge

Barry Salter


~ by barrysalter on March 12, 2013.

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