A Flying Knife


I have always thought of my knives as magical objects but this knife adds to its inner strengths the potential of flight… creating an unusual and powerful image .There are however downsides to owning a flying knife for in the middle of the night with a full moon smiling and the wind in a favourable direction this knife might just decide to migrate.

The knife was made with O1 steel and features a Wharncliffe style slotted scandi blade. Corian is used for the handle and bolster and was also used for parts of the stand and the base.. A random pattern of small holes along each scale was filled with clear resin impregnated with irridescent powder. This makes each “spot” glitter when the light catches it.

The decorative sandwich inserts sitting behind the bolster were made from pewter and ebony veneer.

A matched pair of Starling wings sit either side of the handle and are held onto the knife with strong magnets. This allows the angle and position of the wings to be altered very easily, and also enables complete removal for any upkeep or cleaning. The wings have areas of irridescent green on them which almost glow in the right light.

Starlings are now a protected species in the UK…so these wings were sourced from Veniard Ltd who have been supplying top quality fly tying materials since 1923.

The knife sits on a small pin which protrudes from the top of the hexagonal stainless steel upright which was left with its natural distressed patina. The pin slots into a small hole in the underside of the tang and is further balanced and held horizontal by an ajustable bar.

The finished piece is 19cm high and the same width.

Many of my knifesculptures use shackles and transluscent yellow monofilament to seemingly hold various bars upright. Rather like the slotted blade they have no essential physical function but in my mind they do add a visual dynamic as well as bringing an interesting sense of anchored stability and control.

Barry Salter



~ by barrysalter on March 14, 2013.

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