Little BUGRs

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A Little Devil

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Some folks believe every person has a Little Devil that sits on their left shoulder and a Little Angel that sits on their right shoulder. Rarely if ever do you see them but they are both constantly whispering in your ears. The Little Angel says things like ” Oh look at the lovely kittens…aren’t they sweet” the Little Devil whispers  “Oh look at the lovely kittens…I bet you could juggle with them…it’s easy ”

Sensible people listen to the Little Angel most of the time and ignore the tempting whisperings of the little red fella. Others fall for his wicked ideas, hollow charm and promises… and sometimes suffer the consequences.

I’m not sure I buy the story but this Little Devil has clearly fallen from grace and instead of living on a shoulder selling his wicked ways his pointed tail is now pierced and  locks him to the copper pole …out of earshot and running out of temptations.


The blade is made from O1 steel and Red G10 is used for the handle. The superb red mosaic pin was made by Rob Evs .

The tail used a red paracord Portugese sinnet (also known as a Solomon Bar ) style of weaving and was finished with a pointed polished triangle that most well dressed Devils wear.

Barry Salter


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Three Blind Mice

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Pinto Punk

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This knife is a Punk. A loud spotty punk sporting his anti social refinery with pride. Waving two fingers at convention with the well preened scary confidence that only a punk can muster…Screw you !

But fear not……this Pinto Punk has been captured and just hangs there, harmless. Hopelessly suspended and controlled …counter weighted and unable to move.

The Mohican haircut, the studs, the rings, the chains and piercings in the blade all neutered… attitude tamed. Frozen in time.

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