Another Hairy Knife…Teasing Trevor Two

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This is a big knifesculpture……the knife blade is over 2.5 inches deep and the whole piece stands 10 inches high and over 9 inches long.  I wanted to develop a method of adjusting the teasability as well as to use a much hairier body than I had used in the first Teasing Trevor .

I stayed with the Bassetts Liquorice Allsort teaser as it seems to create maximun frustration as well as being visually enticing. Everyone has their favourire Bassetts Allsort this is mine. The sweet can be moved closer or further away from Trevor by turning knobs…giving adjustable teasability.

The Blade is stainless steel  and Corian is used throughout along with other stainless and anodised components.

This fur is  artificial but is of an amazing realistic quality. Working with fur is challenging and I wanted to create the natural flow that animals have from front to back to create a level of realism.

I’m sure I saw Trevor Two wiggle last night and he certainly enjoyed being in front of the camera !

Barry Salter

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Teasing Trevor

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This Knifesculpture features a knife called Trevor who sits on a stainless steel rod… fixed and unmoving. Trevor is being teased by having a tempting bit of confectionary hovering a short distance in front of him.

I tried a variety of edible treats….cake…cheese and sausage and different sweets to see which one was most frustrating. After much testing I decided to use a Liquorice Allsort. My favourite one has always been the round one covered in “hundreds and thousands” Eventually this was the one I decided to use.

However the sweet is easily removed and can be replaced with other delicasies …I hope Trevor’s new owner will experiment.

I have been pondering  the idea of a Fur handle now for some time they feel so nice in the hand…however no animals were harmed in the making of this knifesculpture as the fur used is artificial.

The Blade is made from O1 tool steel……. and the base and the orange bolster is made from Corian.

Barry Salter

Triple BUGR

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Someone wanted a Little BUGR knife but at the same time hankered after a knife sculpture.  I decided to give him both , and  created the Triple BUGR .


The top BUGR features stabilised Alder root with orange Corian

The centre BUGR has 14 brass pins connecting both sides the black Corian handle

The bottom BUGR uses Pewter and Ebony sandwiches to divide the colour sections

It also uses a wingbud washer.


Barry Salter

Little BUGRs

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A Little Devil

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Some folks believe every person has a Little Devil that sits on their left shoulder and a Little Angel that sits on their right shoulder. Rarely if ever do you see them but they are both constantly whispering in your ears. The Little Angel says things like ” Oh look at the lovely kittens…aren’t they sweet” the Little Devil whispers  “Oh look at the lovely kittens…I bet you could juggle with them…it’s easy ”

Sensible people listen to the Little Angel most of the time and ignore the tempting whisperings of the little red fella. Others fall for his wicked ideas, hollow charm and promises… and sometimes suffer the consequences.

I’m not sure I buy the story but this Little Devil has clearly fallen from grace and instead of living on a shoulder selling his wicked ways his pointed tail is now pierced and  locks him to the copper pole …out of earshot and running out of temptations.


The blade is made from O1 steel and Red G10 is used for the handle. The superb red mosaic pin was made by Rob Evs .

The tail used a red paracord Portugese sinnet (also known as a Solomon Bar ) style of weaving and was finished with a pointed polished triangle that most well dressed Devils wear.

Barry Salter


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Three Blind Mice

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