Who’s A Pretty Boy Then ?

It’s interesting in the animal kingdom and particularly with birds
that the male is the brightest and most colourful of the species.

Darwin thought that these colour differences between sexes in birds ( known as sexual dichromatism) result largely from female preference for brighter colours and decoration in males.

I’m not sure judging by some of the large alpha male specimens in my local pub that this holds true in the human species
but It certainly does look like the theory holds up with this pair of Little BUGRs who I hope to will stay together in harmony for the rest of their lives…who says romance is dead.

The male is made from O1 steel………with a Corian body and glitter powder suspended in clear epoxy in the random drilled holes.
Corian is also used for the base, bolsters and support arms.
The decorative sandwiches were made from pewter and ebony veneer and the hexagonal uprights are made from stainless steel.
The females body is a bit of stabilised wood I have had for several years… it is very attractive but I have forgotten what it is
hopefully someone will come along and remind me .

Barry Salter

PBpair master

pretty boy master2
click to enlarge pics


~ by barrysalter on April 13, 2013.

One Response to “Who’s A Pretty Boy Then ?”

  1. I have been informed the stabilised wood is palm

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